Ear Piercing

$35 (includes required ear piercing studs & ear care solution)

All of our earrings are surgical steel and plated with 24K gold. The earrings are nickel-free, as there are many people who have reactions to earrings with nickel.

For ear piercing we start by having you fill out a Hold Harmless Agreement and go over how to care for your pierced ears in order to reduce the chance of infection. We then clean all parts of the ear piercing instrument with antiseptic and a cotton ball/tissue. Wearing gloves, we then examine the ears for any unusual bumps or severe skin flaking. If everything looks fine then the front and back of each earlobe are cleaned with an alcohol prep pad. Marking each ear with a special skin scribe pen, we will agree on the placement of where the earring will go. Then taking the earrings out of the pre-sealed package using the piercing instrument, we’ll proceed to pierce the ears. After the piercing we will review the aftercare instructions and you can take home a bottle of pierced ear antiseptic to use during the healing period.